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We have a range of amazing diverse books from children's to adults, from the longlist to the shortlist and more! We are lucky enough to receive books for the awards as well as proofs throughout the year and we don't have enough space to house them all.

We have been donating books to schools, libraries and hospitals who are in need of diverse books for a year. There's no cost for the books.


We try to get books out as quick as possible with limited funds and we have over 100 requests outstanding. Which is why we are currently on pause for books and will re-open asap!

We will send between 2 - 4 books depending on availability.


Books will only be sent to a school, library or hospital address. Full address must be on the form. 


A school/ library or hospital email must be on the form not a personal one or we will not send books. 

Form only needs to be filled out once.


Children's and YA books have the highest demand so we will send once we have.


Please be patient in receiving books.

UK only.


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