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The judges for The Diverse Book Awards 2023

'There is a wealth of great talent out there but many of them face real barriers to getting their work seen and published. The Diverse Book Awards will remove those barriers' 
-  Rob Green, editor of Pen & Inc

Shortlist judges

From top left:

Top row: 
Sonali Shah, author and The DBA Children's shortlist 2022 (Picture Book judge)
Ellie Lewis, teen judge (Picture Book)
Kate Sawyer, Development and Communities Manager for World Book Day (Picture Book judge)
Clare Weze, author and The DBA Children's shortlist 2022  (Children's Book judge)

Middle row: 
Denisha Polin, Renaissance Learning Children's Sponsor (Children's Book judge)
Maleeha Mir, publicist (Children's Book judge)
Rebekah Banda, teen judge (YA judge)
Natasha Bown, author and The DBA YA winner 2022 (YA judge)

Last row: 
Alison Palmer, Book Clubs In Schools YA Sponsor (YA judge)
Helen Rosser, Peters Adult Sponsor (Adult judge)
Tanuja Shelar, Marketing Manager (Adult judge)
Tammye Huf, author and The DBA Adult winner 2021 (Adult judge)

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