The Diverse Book Awards is looking for the best Children's, Young Adult and Adult Fiction book published in 2020 and written by a UK author! Judged by an independent panel, we want to celebrate diversity in publishing!



Terms and Conditions

  1. The 2021 prize is open to an English language Children's, Young Adult or Adult Fiction book first published in print form in the UK or Ireland between January 1st 2020 and December 31st 2020. The author must be living in the UK or Ireland for at least three months prior to publications.

  2. Submissions are accepted by authors and publishers. This includes self-published authors.

  3. The awards is only for fiction books.

  4. All books entered must have an ISBN.

  5. We have the right to call in books to be entered.

  6. Books that are part of a series are eligible but must also work as a standalone book. 

  7. All books must be first published in paperback or hardback in 2020. If a book has been previously published in 2019 or earlier in paperback or hardback then the book will not be eligible.

  8. If a book is shortlisted the author agrees to contribute £100 (this is for self-published authors or authors who want to enter without the assistance of their publishing house). Small/ mid-sized publishers agree to pay £200 per shortlisted title. Big publishers agree to pay £400 per shortlisted title to contribute towards the marketing and publicity costs. VAT is not applicable. You will be sent an invoice and payment must be made in a timely manner. 

  9. At nomination stage, you agree to send up to 10 copies of your book to 10 different addresses (to the longlist judges). eBook copies may be requested. 

  10. At the longlist stage, you agree to send up to 10 further copies of your book for competition prizes and marketing.

  11. At the shortlist stage, you agree to send up to 10 further copies of your book for competition prizes and marketing.

  12. You will provide the author’s name, contact email, social media links and postal address. These details will be treated in total confidentiality and will only be used in connection with the awards.

  13. You will provide high resolution jpeg images of the author, the front cover of the book and the publisher logo.

  14. ​When requested you will provide a contact for us to communicate with regarding sales, and PR/marketing. 

  15. Should you reach the shortlist, you/the author will send a 1-minute acceptance speech in case we have to do the event online as we did in 2020. 

  16. Failure to do this will result in the book not being eligible for future awards.